is a North American leader providing salt, chemicals and industrial cleaning supplies.  Distributing and manufacturing quality products and providing exceptional service is not just a statement, it’s a fact.  We deliver expertise and value on all our products.

Our food grade salt portfolio includes a extensive selection of sea salt, flake, flour, coarse and hi-grade salts.

Visit products for more information on our full product line including ice melt blends, ice salt, calcium chloride, absorbents, sweeping compounds, water conditioner salt and pool salt.

Toronto Salt and Chemicals is NSF-GFTC certified for food safety and is a ISO 9002 company with standards, training and service to meet your needs.

FOOD GRADE INGREDIENTS Click here to view our full range of food grade ingredients.

A full range of food grade ingredients for your food processing requirements.


INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Click here to view products designed for industrial clients.

Products designed specifically for the industrial clients.


ICE MELTERS Click here to view de-icing products.

A wide range of de-icing products from the names you know and trust.


COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS Click here to view our commercial absorbents and sweeping compounds.

Commercial absorbents & sweeping compounds to suit your business.


OXY CALCIUM CHLORIDE Click here to view OXY Calcium Chloride de-icing products.

Oxy’s newly appointed distributor, Toronto Salt proudly presents Peladow™ and DOWFLAKE™ premium ice melters.